Istanbul City
Istanbul City

The WIBF’s 2020 International Business Conference offers an excellent opportunity to meet academics and professionals from around the world to exchange ideas and information on a variety of international business topics.
The conference theme is “Small Firm Internationalisation and International Entrepreneurship”. This topic is timely and of interest to the academic and professional business community. The conference will be a global forum for assessing the impact of, and generating discussion regarding, the recent developments in international business for a deeper understanding of the opportunities and risks.
The conference will have focus on international entrepreneurship and small firm internationalisation as they are related to social, economic and political aspects and outcomes of foreign direct investments by multinational enterprises, small or large. Internationalisation of small firms and international entrepreneurship, and how these issues are influenced by home and host countries and international organizations through legislation, other legal arrangements, policies, and unofficial mechanisms are relevant and important for many people and institutions in the world today.
The conference also aims to identify the similarities and differences between small multinational enterprises from emerging and developed countries, and to analyse the effects of these on employment, growth and development issues in home and host countries.

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This year’s conference is organized in collaboration with and hosted by Beykent University. To underline this collaboration and to expand the WIBF network, the 3rd International Business Conference will take place in Istanbul from September 24 to September 25, 2020.

Due to the current Coronavirus Pandemic, the conference will be a hybrid event. In other words, participants can join “face-to-face in Istanbul” or virtual via online tools. In this respect, participation fees are also adjusted accordingly (please see the Fees, Registration and Payment page). Therefore, depending on your preference or the changing external conditions imposed you can consider both options.

WIBF - Impressions

Expert discussion during the conference with members of the organisational committee and participants of the conference
Impressions of the venue
Audience of the conference
Audience of the conference
Prof. Dr. Ilan Alon giving his speech 2018
Impressions of the venue
Impressions of the panel discussion
Panel discussion with (from left) Prof. Dr. Sencer Imer, Professor Dr. Harald Bolsinger, Professor Dr. Rainer Wehner, Prof. Dr. Ilan Alon, Professor Dr. Emin Akcaoglu