Keynote and Panel Meeting Topics and Abstracts

Keynote Topics and Abstracts

Dr. Ilan Alon: “Political Risk: The Shifting Research Agenda”

Abstract: The concept of political risk has expanded since the 1970s and 1980s from negative government action, such as expropriation and nationalization, to a broader phenomenon such as economic crises, political upheaval, terrorism, and social movements. Political risk relates to unexpected fluctuations in the political environment, emanating from government, economy and society, both internal and external, which affect the business environment. Political risk has both macro and micro dimensions. Dr. Alon will trace the evolution of the political risk construct and theories and discuss the future of this construct and research agenda.

Dr. Sencer Imer: “Political Risks, the Middle East and MNCs”

Abstract: The Middle East’s political and economic stability is of great concern for multinational corporations operating or willing to operate in the region while this part of the world is still offering huge business potential and opportunities. However, multinational corporations must first understand and conduct a careful risk analysis about what is going on in the region at the moment with other countries involvements such as US, Russia, Iran and Turkey, before expanding into these markets. Dr. Imer will provide a perspective on all such issues.

Panel Meeting Topics and Abstracts

Dr. Rainer Wehner - Moderator

Dr. Ilan Alon: “What has changed in a Post Trump world”

Abstract: The election of Trump in the USA has marked a new era in international relations and international business. Nationalism has triumphed over internationalism as a dominant paradigm in national security, as well as economic and foreign policy. The talk will discuss and open a debate on the causes and effects of this shift.

Dr. Harald J. Bolsinger: “Ethical Challenges for Multinationals – Globalized Values for International Markets”

Abstract: Political conflicts of values within and between regions of the world can have impact on market access and sales potential of companies. With which ethos can multinational companies position themselves in order to maintain their identity credibly and to remain internationally connected in a world full of conflicting and dynamically shifting worldviews? The talk will open a debate on the topic, that too often is only observed as marketing topic.