Additional Information

Plenary Session and Research

An intensive research conference, featuring a plenary session with key speakers and parallel sessions of competitive papers, will focus on examination and further development of potent concepts, frameworks, theories and methodologies for better understanding of the conference topics. This part will provide a unique opportunity for scholars to discuss path-breaking concepts, ideas, frameworks and theory-essentials. Only unpublished completed, or nearly-completed papers, are invited for presentation and feedback from other scholars and invited practitioners and policy makers.

Business/Professional Workshops

This part will consist of an open plenary session for interaction and sharing of insights with members of the business and policy communities. Executives from international and/or internationalizing firms as well as small multinational and policy communities will be invited to interact with scholars and share perspectives on issues of mutual interest. The focus will be on a better understanding of actual issues facing entrepreneurial firms in their quest for international growth and also on the policy challenges for creating enabling environments.

Additional Scholarly Activities

The WIBF International Business Conference in Würzburg may also feature another event specifically designed for graduate students and young scholars. Accordingly, last year's Keynote Speaker Prof. Dr. Ilan Alon, Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Emerging Markets and the European Journal of International Management, may deliver a seminar on publishing in peer reviewed journals. Application procedure for this activity will be provided at a later date.